Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gray day for crafting

When it gets gray and cold and I have to wait around for the maintenance man to come fix the dishwasher...my thoughts turn to crafting.  Being the pregnant mom of a three year old...I AM TIRED.  I wake up tired.  I'm tired all day and I go to bed tired.  Then I toss and turn all night and am still tired.  So, I cope by grabbing naps when I can, and sometimes it's when the sun is blazing through the window.  I've been meaning to make one of these for a while, and today was the day.  The middle layer is black felt for extra light blocking.

I also starting thinking about the string quilt that is in the back of my mind...so I gathered up my scraps and realized most of my fabric choices are little or medium floral prints...so they pieced together well.  I cut up about 8 blocks just so I could get one square together.  I will make more progress on this when I purchase a rotary cutter (in the near future).  How have I gotten a long so far without one?  Plus, I saw a pattern for a houndstooth baby quilt that is calling my name. 

By the afternoon, Lu and I were getting a little (okay, a lot) stir-crazy so I took her out in the cold to ride her bike.  She had fun, then the flurries started coming down faster so we came inside to warm up.  A good cozy, crafty day.

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