Friday, January 07, 2011

Grown up lunches

A friend of mine and I were chatting a while back about how we eat kid lunches. Lucy is not going to finish a box of macaroni and cheese, so I might as well eat some. If I'm making nuggets, I might as well throw in some for my own lunch and call it good. But, sometimes it gets old. This morning, I invited my sister over for lunch and starting thinking about what was in the cupboard. I thought tuna sandwiches and then realized I have no bread. I stopped buying bread when I learned to make it, but don't make it often enough. Then thought I'd make wraps, but found we only had one tortilla. I toyed with the idea of making some tortillas, which I'd still like to do, but realized they needed more rising time than I had. Oh, and I don't have a tortilla press.   So...what could I make out of what I had? I was perusing this great blog called, Budget Bytes, and found a recipe for some Garlic Noodles. I am a huge fan of cheap, yummy meals and miraculously had everything on hand for this one, aside from the green onion-so I used some finely minced yellow. I also added some shredded carrot for color and crunch. You could add chicken and peas and have more of a Lo Mien for a main dish. Or Mien dish. Ha. Ha. Ha. This was simple, quick, yet a little more sophisticated than animal nuggets. Perfect for a grown up lunch.

Check out Beth M @ Budget Bytes

Can Gringos make tortillas?

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Jennifer said...

It was yummy. And the company made it even better