Saturday, January 15, 2011

Platte Party 2011.

 Jen and Tina-I wish I had taken more photos.  Next year, when my big camera comes to the party, it's on.

 Lucy singing with the kiddos.  She requested, "Christmas Bells."  The one she sang at church.  I love her.

 Silly face.

 Kristina loved her gift.  One great memory I have of grandma's house was playing Yahtzee or sitting on someone's lap while the adults played.  I loved the sound of the dice rattling in the cup.  I was so glad to see her delight.

Lucy and Ariel.  Ariel is very excited to join Belle and Snow White.

 Lizzie was a riot.  She was dancing to the music and spinning around-cutest baby dancer ever.

 Andrea and I.

I told Calvin to, "look tough." 

 Lucy was mesmerized by this toy.

Lucy and Savannah enjoying cupcakes.  Lucy ate the frosting.  Then asked for another, and only ate the frosting.  What a goof.

I love the Platte's and I love the Platte party.

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katie+brandon said...

love the photos!!