Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

I do not like missing church.  It makes me feel like a huge loser and messes up the rest of my week.  I don't feel like I ever get to hit the "reset" button.  The days just blur together.

I've been suffering from insomnia the last few weeks and it got a little overwhelming on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I fall asleep fine but then wake up  in the middle of the night and just lay there and think and worry and think and worry and try to fall back asleep.  Sunday morning it was 3am and I just felt sicker and sicker as the morning progressed so I decided to skip church and sleep.  It sort of worked.  I felt a lot better by about 8pm but then last night, same thing.  I wake up and am unable to get back to sleep.  Then I feel like a zombie during the day and am functioning a little above minimum capacity.  I called the nurses line at the health center to see what I can take and the nurse I talked to had no idea (what is with the nurses there?) so she's going to ask the doctor and call me back.

I am SO close to my camera I can taste it.  I thought for sure I wanted the Canon T2i and now I'm thinking maybe the Nikon D90.  Any thoughts?

I emailed this blogger I really like and she never wrote back.  I still want to like her but feel bad that she ignored me.

Those are my random thoughts for the day.


Jennifer said...

I don't like her. Rudey.

Diana said...

tylonol pm! my doctor said a dose of that is safe and works. he also recommended sleepy time tea--i'd never heard of it but its herbal. i had insomnia last pregnancy and its horrible!

Lindsey said...

Sorry you are dealing with all of this!

I have a d90 and love it for the most part. One thing that I wish I would have done though (in addition to reading extensive reviews) is gone in to a camera store and actually held some of the cameras and played around with them before making my final choice. I don't regret the d90 - but sometimes when I feel lighter canons I wish I would have taken my time and compared a little more!

I do believe that canon and nikon are equally great.

I've had one glitch with my d90. Every few months or so I get this "error" message that won't go away until I take the battery out, and it happens constantly for about a day and then stops for another few months. I've read that it's a problem that hasn't been resolved in a lot of the d90 bodies. My uncle has the same camera and has the exact same thing happen! Not a deal breaker, but definitely annoying!

If you have any questions (not that I'm an expert), feel free to email me and I'll try to help!

katie+brandon said...

Nikons rule.

Get some sleep... seriously, try unisom maybe? I'm so sorry.

loves to you.