Monday, February 28, 2011

Copying creativity.

You have to know a secret about me.
I am not creative.
I am good at finding cute things and copying them.
I am a good copier.

I found these headbands the other day and decided they would be a good way to cure the Monday blahs.
I'm glad I hoard old t-shirts.

I didn't like the flower on the first one (white), I thought it was too big, so I did the second one a little differently. I like the flower itself, just not for this headband--maybe a wreath.

Then I made the baby hat, I intended to make a blue one too but didn't realize how late it was getting.  Since I, and 66% of the people who voted, think this baby is a boy, maybe after Friday I'll find the time to make it.

Baby is a sweet potato or piece of lemon meringue pie this week. :)

Headband Tutorial from Craft Snob

Baby Hat Tutorial from Prudent Baby


katie+brandon said...

Um.I LOVE the flower. LOVE. LOVE.

Emily said...

I vote for the pie

Bethany said...

So cute! You lie! You ARE TOO CREATIVE! Hello!? quit being so modest. That's one of your gifts!

Bethany said...

i'm eagerly awaiting your post for tomorrow...