Friday, February 18, 2011

Some stuff I'm thinking about

Prayer works.  
I feel a zillion times better than the other day.  I've started to see my trials as blessings and to be thankful for them.  That's a big step for me, and at least in this case, it wasn't too hard...I'm just happy to be happy.  I've been loving these warmer temps even though I know it's just a tease.  The warmer weather makes me think of something I love...gardening.  
It's almost gardening season!

(What is up with those giant sunglasses?)

Last summer, we stopped at this farm stand on the way home from a family reunion.  I bought what turned out to be the best watermelon I've ever had.  I preserved the seeds and stored them away.  I was telling someone about it and they mentioned that it could be a hybrid, that they wouldn't germinate.  I hadn't even considered that possibility.  So, I got out one of the seeds and packaged it in a little damp paper towel and sandwich bag.  That was 6 days ago.  I checked it today and lo and behold!!!  IT SPROUTED!  I'm so excited.  I had a little impromptu science lesson with Lucy and her friend.

Another thing-I can feel the baby moving now.  Lucy comes up to my belly often to listen and give kisses.  It's pretty much the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed.

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Great seed Pic