Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebrate The Boy

I'm having a boy.  I'm having a boy.  I'm having a boy.  I will love him.  

I'm having a harder time attaching myself to this little guy than I did with Lucy.  Is it because he's a boy and WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DO WITH A BOY(?) or is it because he's the child, boy or girl, that is going to disrupt (albeit, this is what I wanted) my little mother-daughter paradise?  Am I ready for robots and dinosaurs?  Oh wait-we already play robots and dinosaurs.  I guess I am.  I have been observing in Lucy her being well suited for a brother.  I realized it on Tuesday, when she and her friend were making a tunnel and asked me to pull the couch out for them to extend their play space.  She enjoys forts and cars, dinosaurs and balls.  Maybe she has been helping me to see that this boy will fit in just perfectly with us.  

Celebrate The Man: check out Tony's smarty-pants post on his work blog, here.


Stacie said...

All normal thoughts. You are such a good mom, Anna; it will be great. The transition from one to two was very difficult for me emotionally...if you ever want to chat about it, I'm here for ya!

Bethany said...

I thought the same thing when I was expecting Bradley. Once he's born, you will love him. :o) And as he grows, you will learn to love sticks, rocks, and bugs. (maybe yours will be more into cars and such. ;) )

Linz said...

Just you wait, you will love him! There are some obvious differences in caring for a newborn boy vs. girl, but either they way they are a newborn baby with the same kind of love and attention needed. I felt the same way, but boy oh boy, I Love having a boy!

Cara said...

I think that is completely normal when you have girl(s) first. I was so afraid for my little man, since I have some of the girliest girls around! And every toy we owned was pink, purple or princess! But my little boy came and decided as much as he like princesses he also likes balls and cars and blue and red :) And you know what, so does his sisters! You will be amazed at the differences between boys and girls...especially the first diaper changes. (I had the hardest time figuring out how to make his diapers do their job) But siblings are loads of fun! And I think you will be amazed at how it will bring you and Lucy closer, because you will share this little guy. And at the same time eventually you will have more time to yourself because your daughter will have a new friend to play with! I love watching my children grow individually and together because it all is amazing! Best of luck :)