Monday, April 25, 2011

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to.

Remember last year when I blogged about that amazing birthday Tony planned for me?  It came about because of the disaster of a birthday I had the year before.  I don't know why I threw such a fit that year, I was just nuts about it being this perfect birthday and it wasn't and I was so mad about it.  So-Tony made it up to me when I turned 27 and then this year...I honestly didn't care so much.  I think I either must be maturing or have better self esteem.  I had so many friends reach out to me, call, visit, send gifts, text or FB messaged, that I felt so special and loved all day, the next day and really all weekend.  Now on to the food, cause for me, that's what celebrating is all about.

Remember last year when I requested cinnamon rolls?  Well-a good friend of mine remembered and brought some over for me Wednesday night.  They were the perfect birthday breakfast, and I am not exaggerating when I say, the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had.  They were a little crispy on the bottom and doughy on the inside.  PW's recipe, surprise!

My sister texted/text (how are you supposed to say that?), she sent me a text, telling me she was taking me somewhere "really different," for lunch.  I almost responded with "as long as it's not Japanese."

Guess what it was?  


And it was awesome.

You see, when I turned let's see, it must have been 18, I wanted to go out to dinner with my friends and I wanted to go somewhere different than all the regular places we always went.  I wanted to try this Japanese place.   I wanted to be adventurous so I ordered something with a lot of tofu in it.  I don't remember the name of the dish or the restaurant, but it was nasty.  I tried to pretend I liked it, but it was totally gross.  I wished we'd just gone somewhere we're we could have had chicken fingers and ranch. ;)

So, I was anxious about being at another Japanese place...but was so good.  That probably had to do with the lack of tofu (I'm sure it's good prepared the right way) and that almost everything I ordered was fried. Those people at Shiro know that we like our food fried, even if we're trying to be cultural and try something new.  It was so nice being out with my sister, at an adult restaurant, where we could talk and not have to "foo" (the sound your mouth makes when you cool off a child's food by blowing on it) anyone else's food.   They even had my favorite dessert...Crème brûlée.  If you're ever in Novi, I definitely recommend it.

After our leisurely lunch, I went home and found the best babysitter and my best daughter had colored me some birthday signs and hung them up around the apartment.  Lucy and I spent the afternoon relaxing until Tony came home.  We went to 5 Guys for dinner and then to the park to try to use up a few of the excess calories.  How many do you think I burned sitting on the bench?  

Once we got home, it was time for dessert.  I made one of my favorites, Raspberry Rhubarb Crunch.  It's divine.  If you like tart desserts, which I do.  You can find the recipe on AllRecipes, and serve it with Vanilla ice cream.  Mmmm...

The night concluded with a little TV and maybe some more ice cream.  I can't be sure. 

On Friday we drove to the UC, where Tony's family turned out to celebrate with me at a restaurant that I am likely never to forget.  It's called Dawn and Phil's Cafe.  It is pretty much run by Dawn and Phil.  And a bald man who they called "Baldilocks," who sang happy birthday to me, Marilyn Monroe style.  I don't think I've ever turned more red in my life.  Sadly, I did not take any pictures that night.  It was a hoot.

I did more celebrating on Saturday, and on Sunday I did have real birthday cake.  Mom totally outdid herself with this amazing raspberry cake.  Seriously, wow...again, no picture.  

I feel so blessed to have some many people in my life who are willing to go to such lengths to make me feel special and cared for on my birthday.  Thank you all for your kindness.  It was such a wonderful day.

So maybe I'll blog about Easter tomorrow...we'll see.  


katie+brandon said...

love this post!!! I LOVE the pictures. I am SO happy you had such a great birthday!! That desert looks de*LIGHT*ful, maybe I'll get brave and try it sometime.
I love you!

The Lloyd Family said...

It definitely sounds like you had a fantastic birthday - I'm so glad!

Bethany said...

I love this post. Thanks for taking the time to post your adventures. Did you know that supposedly Shiro restaurant was haunted by ghosts.... or so the story goes at Novi Middle school. I have never eaten there, but always think when I pass it, "oh, there's the ghost restaurant." I laugh. oh that's funny. I wish you could have gotten a picture of baldilocks. I wanna see that. (and your red face too) Looks likes you had fun. My kids and I honestly prayed you'd have a really happy birthday, it looks like you did!

Stacie said...

What a great birthday! I'm so glad you like the cinnamon rolls. I don't think they were supposed to be crispy on the bottom, but that is how they turned out! PW never disappoints, does she?

I am so glad you felt loved on your birthday because you are!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you didn't say No Japanese!

It was so fun!