Sunday, May 22, 2011

Say "Cheese!"

Have I ever told you how hard Tony is to buy for?  He is tough.  He has expensive taste (gadgets don't come cheap!) and he saves his pocket money well to buy the things he wants.  His Love Language is not gifts.  Sometimes I take the easy way out and just add some money to whatever he's saving for or a gift card to the store where he'll get it, but the best gifts I've given him were to find things he didn't know he wanted.  A few months ago when Jen and I were at Zingerman's for lunch, I saw in their flyer that they had classes on how to make Mozzarella cheese.  Onofrios love cheese and the top on Tony's cheese list is Mozzarella.  Caprese is a Summer staple around here.  I thought it would be such a fun Father's day gift, however, due to their facilities, Zingerman's only offers the class Sept.-May.  I told Tony about my idea (if he'd mind an early Father's day gift) and he asked if I'd want to go with him for Mother's day.  It was awesome.  I won accolades for "the best gift you've ever give me," and Tony won accolades from our instructor, "most stellar cheese maker."  Big surprise, right?  

It was so much fun, extremely well organized and we came away with a lot of knowledge, confidence to make cheese at home and two big bags of cheese.

We learned to make cheese from milk, where we started simply with a gallon of cream line milk.  We also learned to make it from curd.  We ended up with, and this is not an exaggeration, the best Mozzarella cheese I've ever had.  Maybe because we made it ourselves it tasted better, but it had so much more flavor than what you get in the grocery store, I'd like to believe it truly was better.  We made Fiore di Latte, Mozzarella with Myrtle, and Burrata.

For lunch today, we made BLT's with some of our cheese.  Man alive were they yummy.

This was such a fun way to spend time together and will probably not be the last Zingerman's class we take.  I just saw they have pizza classes at the Bakehouse, and since I have recently vowed to give up making pizza at home (mine is never as good as any you can buy for less than $10.00)  I seriously want to take this one and redeem my at-home pizza.

Thanks Zingerman's! We loved it!


Stacie said...

Love this! What a great idea, and so fun that you did it together! Awesome.

Bethany said...

Wowzers. That looks terrific!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

How fun! Jason is a cheese lover too, I should look into that....

Rachel said...

I totally know what u mean by ur homemade pizzas problem! I always want them to be good... But they never really r that great :(. U will have to share ur secrets once u take the class!