Sunday, May 01, 2011

My helper and Lucyisms

We got to watch Genny one day last week.  We were so excited.  Lucy wanted to help with everything.  When it came time to feed her I let Lucy take over.  She did such a great job.  Genny was a bit leary at first but when she realized the spoon kept returning she seemed okay with it.

Lucy has said some funny things lately that I want to record:

We were in the car running errands on Saturday and she was playing with her glittery bunny ears that were in her Easter basket.

She said: "How come the glitter doesn't come off?"
Me: "It's stuck on with really strong glue."
Lucy: "Like duck glue?"
Me: ???
Then I realized she meant "Duct Glue," like the tape-she knows Duct tape is really strong tape.
Me: "Yup, duck glue." :)

Lucy has been working really hard at keeping her pull-ups dry at night, she went on an 8 day dry spell, ending on Saturday morning.  She slept in Saturday which I suspect was her demise.  When she goes 14 days in a row and is ready to wear underwear to bed she gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  She's never been but is sure it will be the highlight of her life.  So, when she woke up wet she was disappointed, but I've been sure not to blame her or make her feel bad.  I just told her, it's alright, her body is just telling her it's not ready to wear underwear at night yet and when it is, we'll celebrate.  This morning, she woke up dry.

She said, "14 days!"
Me: "Yup, just 13 more."
Lucy: "My body's not ready for cottage cheese."


katie+brandon said...

such a funny girl, I'm so excited to hear addie say things like that! and she's so smart! she must get that from her momma :)

Bethany said...

I laugh, but I don't get the logic, "My body is not ready for cottage cheese"
I love the picture of her feeding genny. Evelyn would be jealous. She has begged me to just have Genny over sometime, so she can take care of her.

Kimberlee said...

Haha. I don't get it either. I guess that is what's so funny about it. Morgan said something funny the other day, I started laughing really hard. McKenna said, "Mom, that doesn't make any sense." Yep. That's what's so funny. :)

maria said...

cottage cheese= chuck e cheese! love her!

Anna said...

Maria, you get the prize. She made her scrunched up face and said, "what's that word again?" She meant Chuck E. Cheese.