Friday, June 03, 2011


Sprinkles for the Lu.

Glazed for the Mama.

The doughnuts are pretty good.  The induced a serious gigglefest.  "You're funny!" 

"Your camera's funny!"

Today is National Donut Day.  Seriously.
You can go to Krispie Kreme and get a free donut. Seriously.

The recipe.


katie+brandon said...

I feel horrible that these words might be losing meaning to you, but really. I love these pictures SO SO much. Lucy is TOO cute (I love the hair) and those doughnuts look amazing!!!! LOVE Them!

Stephanie said...

After catching up on your last several posts, this is what I have to say.

Those look delish! (donuts)

I make a similar recipe for fish, and we love it too.

Loved all the pics of the parade and fishing.

And YOU look adorable!!! You are such a cute preggo!

Stacie said...

Gotta love Lucy's hair! Those donuts look tasty too!