Tuesday, June 14, 2011


If you're in your reader and saw my ice cream post...close your eyes, forget you saw it, it's not done!!!  

Did you know that inside blogger, ctrl+p=publish, not print!?  Well, you do now.

I am guest posting at Something Swanky on Saturday and thought I'd have Tony, the King of English, look over my writing.

Our conversation went like this: "Will you read this over for me?  I'll email it to you."
T: "Can you just print it?"
A: "Can't I just email it to you?"
T: {inconvenienced look}
A: "Okay, I'll print it."

click, click

A: OOOOohhhhhh Nooooo!!

As you can probably guess, I was really receptive to all his feedback at that point. 

Check Something Swanky on Saturday for the full story.


Bethany said...

Something Swanky is making me hungry.

Lindsey said...

Does that actually happen? I don't use reader that often, but sometimes I publish posts to make sure the formatting looks right and then I schedule them in a few days later. Does that mean people can see them before I want them to in their reader?

I'm excited for your guest post - what an honor!

Missi said...

lol...Anna, your blog is the best thing I've read all day. I really did laugh out loud, but somewhat quietly as Little Sir is sleeping... :) Ah, I miss you guys. I totally could see the conversation, voices, expressions and all. :)