Tuesday, June 21, 2011


With the kids finally out of school, Summer can officially begin!
We went to the pool:

So proud of how brave she was.
We went to Amish Country:

There is an Amish community not too far from Union City and they have a discount store that has unbeatable prices on baking supplies.  I loaded up on flours.

While the girls shopped, the boys fished.  Tony texted (is that a word?) to tell me he had a surprise for Lucy.  It was this little guy:

We were thisclose to bringing him (or her) home.  Then I read online about how I'd need to clean up the poop and that was enough to cancel out the cuteness and we let him (or her) go in a nearby wetland.  I am not about poop.  At least not animal poop.  Baby poop, heck, not even a 3 year old's poop really bothers me.  But animal poop makes me a bit crazy.

One of the ways I tell people I love them is through food.
I made Dad O some cashew and white chocolate chip cookies, recipe forthcoming, and Tony made some more Mozzarella.  This was even better than the stuff we made in the class.  I tell you, Tony is some kind of cheese making genius.

Now, if only the sun would stay out long enough for us to enjoy the outdoors!
Happy Summer!


Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I just LOVE your camera! The quality is amazing!

katie+brandon said...

Me gusta los fotos!! I figured I should learn how to say it in a different language so it doesn't lose meaning. Seriously the photos are so fun to look at. i love that turtle, Love him (or her) so much. Lucy is just too cute for words, and those cookies look delish. You are my favorite person ever!

Bethany said...

Mm. Your blog always makes me hungry. I agree--You cook for those you love. I'm glad that I qualify for that honor. I take it that you ended up going swimming in Miss Carols' pool and that isn't Grammy's baby pool. ;o) How fun! I'm going to show my kids the picture of the baby turtle. They'll love it!