Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I don't want to post twice today, even though I have enough material and photos for two posts.  I don't want to drag the weekend out any, here you go...
a LONG post with lots of stuff. Enjoy.

Memorial Day
Enjoy a small town parade:

We went to visit Uncle Coco and Auntie was so good to see them and their new place.  I definitely have apartment envy.  After lunch, since we were so close, we drove over to the cemetery where my parents were laid to rest to plant some flowers.

I love the sunbeam on the eternity symbol.

Okay-post number two could be called:
Fishing in a Monsoon or more aptly, God Punishes Heathens who Fish on Sundays

Onofrio Family Bylaws state that "Each Saturday before Memorial Day one must find oneself in watercraft on Lee Lake or another suitable body of water."  What can I say?  Tony is a rule follower, even if they are self-inflicted.  Despite the soggy weather, Tony's Summer was made getting to be in the boat with his Dad Saturday morning, however, Lucy and I didn't get a chance to join him until Sunday afternoon.  It was a little cloudy but it had been cloudy for days so we weren't too concerned and didn't bother to check the weather report.  

The first hour was pretty good, as you can see:
Lucy reeled in her own fish!

We'd all caught a few fish, there were a few other boats on the lake, and a jet-skier or two, when we started hearing some distant rumblings.

We thought-maybe it'll just blow over.

The rumbling got a bit louder and we realized we were the only ones still in the lake.   As we headed for the dock it started to rain.  Not just sprinkle, rain.  We had to wait in line for the boat launch and so Lucy and I were in the middle of singing, "If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops," we were laughing and catching raindrops.  I was thinking what a fun memory this would be..."remember the time we were caught in the rain on the lake?"

Then it started to pour.  Like, heavens opening, flash-flooding, pouring down, sheets of rain and heavy wind.  I love having a quick-thinking husband who rammed the shore, I jumped out, pulled Lucy out and ran for the car amidst the rain, wind and flying debris.  I was pelted in the arm with a rock and when I got into the car could hear the rocks flying up against the steel.  Poor Tony had to wait for these other poor folks to get their boat in.  
I could just make out his feet through the window.

Lucy and I were safe in the car when I heard the 5 words that no matter where you are, make a parent cringe. 

"I have to go potty."

After the rain had died down a bit I introduced her to the pit toilet.  Lovely.

Then we tried to drive home.

We ended up waiting a while for these nice folks to cut the tree out of the road.  We saw downed trees the whole way.  When we did finally return to home-base we found that the power was out.  Did you know that your options for entertainment dramatically decrease without power?  I read until the sun was completely gone and then we all decided to turn in early.  It was actually pretty fun stumbling around in the dark.  It felt a little like camping.  Lucky for us the power came back on in the middle of the night and I could stop hoarding my phone battery power like Gollum protecting the ring.  


So, there you have it.  Our weekend, rain, wind, craziness, parades, cemeteries, fish, turtles, toads and a lot of fun family time.  


katie+brandon said...

Oh, how much love I have for all these photos! they are fun, beautifully taken, amazing. I love the one of Lu covering her ears. It cracks me up. And that frog-- Ugh! Dont know how she held that!

Bethany said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I have a comment for everything. I'm so showing this post to my kids and to Justin. You are so funny. "Heathens Fishing on Sunday" You crack me up. If Lucy likes Toads, I can see how she and Bradley are friends.

Kimberlee said...

Lots of cute pics. I feel really bad but my favorite one is of Lucy crying over the Toad. So sweet. She is going to get a long just great with little brother.

Stacie said...

What a fun weekend! I love the pictures. Glad you survived that storm--yikes!

Missi said...

LOL! I about died... "I have to go potty." So true... I also loved Lucy holding the toad. I LOVE toads! And that toad was a handsome guy. Wanna hear a sad toad story (that I didn't realize was sad until I was older)? As kids, my sisters and I were always finding toads around our house. My dad let us keep a few in a fish tank once. After telling our dad that "Ken the toad was getting a piggy back ride on Barbie the toad", he decided we should let them go. Problem: It was already winter and the ground was frozen. Toads bury themselves during the winter. My dad's solution: dig a hole and bury the toads. Yeah.

Missi said...

P.S. I also really love your green rainy pictures... Ah, Michigan.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

What a fun weekend! You guys did a lot!