Thursday, June 09, 2011


Yesterday we got to see some of our favorite guys!

We started with Baby Brother:

His kidney is enlarged again, much more significantly this time, and ureter is dilated.  We're meeting with a pediatric urologist, probably next week, (he's on vaca this week) and have another ultra sound scheduled for later in the month.  The good news is that we've been through all this before with Lucy.  I think it's crazy that they have such a similar problem and neither Tony or I have heard of this kidney defect on either sides of our families.  I'm glad to have a much better handle on it this time and feel better prepared for the testing and all that goes on with it.  Remember the baby rotisserie?

Other than that, they said he looks great, he's in the 61st percentile for size and his estimated weight is 4lbs 10 oz.  (+/-10oz). He measured about a week ahead so hopefully that means he'll come early, on his own.  I'm hoping for a successful vbac.  He's definitely a mover and a shaker and I'm excited to see the little fellow.  He didn't have an opinion on his name though...we're still thinking on that one.

After that we got to wish Uncle Chris a Happy Birthday and then off to the "water balloon party" for Cameron.  Lucy was so excited.  She told everyone we ran into that day, before and after the party that "you take water balloons and you throw them and you get wet!"


So excited, she's walking on air. 

I could not love this face any more.

Cam is such an awesome playmate with Lucy.  He has single-handedly prepared her for sisterhood to a brother.  She and Cam pretty much fight like brother and sister but in recent months have become more peaceful playmates.  
We're so lucky to have mischievous Crambone in our lives.

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Stacie said...

Baby Brother is so cute--I can already tell! And I love the pictures from the party!