Sunday, July 03, 2011

South Haven

ah...twins, much?  They have the exact same smile.

The Farmer's Market, where I sampled some pizza bread that I'd really like to try to duplicate.
The angel in the middle said,

"The evening is coming in
sun sinks to rest
The birds are flying
home to their nests
caw-caw says the crow
flying over head-it is
time little children
were going to bed"

I found some Ohio love in an antique store.

We walked around downtown a little more and I saw a doorway that said, 
"Ducy's General Store, upstairs."
I took the stairs.
Then there were more stairs.
And then more stairs.
I thought the lighting was beautiful.

In this store, I found an antique chenille bedspread, much like the ones my Grandma had on her beds.  
I bought it.  It was a steal.

Then Clementines...
I could eat those onion rings pretty much every day.  And then get a prescription for Lipitor.

I LOVE that the store next door is called, "Oh my Darlings," and has cute kids stuff.

Then it was off to my favorite part...


 This little guy was so sweet, despite being sick and tired, he managed to have
some fun and show us his million dollar smile.  
The day before we celebrated his first birthday-but I'll post it on his real birthday.


Until next year, South Haven...when we'll be bringing a one year old with us!
Only four weeks left.


The Lloyd Family said...

That looks like the most perfect summer outing. I think I may have sighed aloud.

Missi said...

I loved seeing/reading about your outing too! Love Farmer's Markets (just discovered some here - can't wait to go!), old buildings, onion rings (I admit it!), and the beach - and that super cute orange "known to eat dirt" hat! I need to find one for Colton... :) And, I had a flash-"forward" when I saw that sweet little guy - I immediately thought about your little guy. He's almost here...Ahh!! :)) Very excited for you. (That's what the smiley face with the extra smile [that looks like a double chin] means.)

Stephanie said...

I don't know how you did that with the pail, but it's pretty cool. Can't believe you only have four weeks left!!!