Monday, August 01, 2011

Noah's Birth

Due to the priesthood blessing I received the night before, I started out the day feelin' good.

We reported to the hospital at 7:30am and got checked in, answered about a thousand questions and joked about Tony wearing the funny, white jumpsuit and how he had to use two booties over each foot to cover his shoes.  I went in really feeling better than good, I felt great.

Once I was in the OR, they got my spinal block placed (no tumors this time!!!) and once I was all numbed up things moved pretty fast.  Suddenly, I saw this little guy:

When they showed him to me initially, over the curtain, I thought, "WHAT?! NO HAIR?!"  
I was so surprised to see his fuzzy, blonde, bald head.  It is the most perfectly round shaped head you've ever seen.

They stitched me all up, told me how great I looked, and wheeled us to the recovery room.

That's when they told me the good news...I DIDN'T HAVE TO SHARE A ROOM!!!  I was so thrilled.  If I hadn't just birthed one of the cutest human beings ever, it would have made my day. 

Then the little guy got to meet these awesome people:

Thankfully, the rest of our hospital stay was a good way.  Full of visits from doctors and nurses of course, he passed all his tests, they looked at his kidneys and determined they'd wait another month before doing anything else.  

Here's the new family of four:

Having this little one around has been an amazing experience for me.  Faith building for sure.  I had to rely on the Lord for a lot and He truly gave to me freely of His blessings.

I've been enjoying every inch of this tiny man:

Thank you to everyone for your calls, texts, messages, meals, treats and prayers.
*More photos to come*


Stephanie said...

So happy for you Anna. he's perfect.

The Lloyd Family said...

He really is perfect! I'm so happy everything went so smoothly. I'm just all around so incredibly happy for you! Love you.

Lindsey said...

I didn't know they made shared rooms - but that would definitely be less private to share that amazing experience with a total stranger. Noah is completely precious. Congratulations!

katie+brandon said...

Anna. He is INCREDIBLE, and so are you!! He is BEAUTIFUL, and so are you! I am so happy for all of you, I wish I could be there to do more. I love you!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

I'm so glad everything worked out and that you got your own room! He's so precious and you look great! Don't forget to let me know when you want meals set up!

Stacie said...

Priceless! Noah is so, so adorable. Perfect! I love the new family picture. :) Thanks for sharing! What do you need? Can I do anything for you?

Lily said...

Oh my goodness! The picture of him sleeping took my breath away. He is absolutely gorgeous and perfect!! Congratulations!!

Shelly Onofrio said...

OOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I seriously can't get enough of seeing his sweet face! We Onofrios sure do make adorable babies : ) Love love love you all!

Kimberlee said...

Awww.. Great pictures!! He is so sweet. I am so happy for all of you. How is Lucy doing with all of this? Can't wait to hear more and I wish I was there to help :(