Thursday, August 11, 2011

we made it

Noah is 2 weeks old today.  Today was my first day totally alone with the kids.
We walked to the playground across the street, we survived, and dare I say, even had fun.
Noah's been sleeping and eating really well...and pooping even better.  I've never seen a more regular baby.
Lucy is still enjoying being a big sister, she's learning to lengthen her patience, thank goodness.  She has been such a huge help to her Mama.  We've had so many good friends and family around to help make this transition easier...I feel like we've been blessed beyond our deserving.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! Those are some way cute kids.

katie+brandon said...

you have some of the cutest kids i've ever seen!!!

The Lloyd Family said...

Ah, I'm glad your first experience alone at home with the two kiddos went well. I'll have to tell you about my bawl session when I first went outside with the bubs and Eliza in tow. :)

Beyond your deserving ... I highly doubt that. I think you deserve the world. :) I'm so glad you've had so much support around. Fantastic.

The Lloyd Family said...

P.S. Ridiculously cute, those two.

Bethany said...

What a cute little guy!!! Oh, I'm sure Evelyn would go Gaga over him. I can't wait to meet the little guy!
Good for you for going to the park with them, and getting out of the house. I dare say... do I say it? I went out of the house tonight, and I felt like a REAL human being. WOW. Not better yet... but recovering... I think... I've said this before and I wasn't better, but then again, the past times haven't been after tons of people fasted for me either.
SO Hooray for getting out of the house! Hooray for regularity on Noah's part! Sorry for you. Lots of Laundry!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Doesn't feel so good to survive your first day alone with your new baby and kid(s)? Congrats! May you have many more days like that!