Thursday, September 01, 2011

"...gobs of gorgeous gook to gobble at the fair!"

I'm definitely having goats someday.

I couldn't resist.  Noah and I felt right at home.

and I'm having pigs...they're so happy looking.

The ugliest, grossest thing I've ever seen.  I might dislike it more than ferrets.

"She was gonna make coats out of us!

She was SO excited to go on the Ferris Wheel. I thought she might get nervous but she loved it and was truly disappointed when it ended (much too soon).


The world's biggest tweezers.

Her other favorite part...Cotton Candy


katie+brandon said...

Anna, I wish I could describe just how much I LOVE your photos. I am so glad you got this new camera. You have serious talent. I LOVE them, they made me happy and I could totally see them on a brochure! I'm so glad you had fun, It looks like a blast!!

Diana said...

Your animal photos are amazing. I especially love the pic of the pig. Also, you get bonus points for quoting 101 Dalmatians.

P.S. I saw a link to your blog on our mutual friend Ashley Lloyd's page (in case you were wondering how this random stranger came to be commenting on your posts).

Kimberlee said...

That's where I wish I was. Right Now. Great post.

GramMO said...

My practically favorite, favorite part of summer. Especially, "GRAMIE, GRAMIE, I'M going on the FERRIS WHEEL!" "GRAMIE, GRAMMIE I"M GOING TO EAT COTTON CANDY!!!" "GRAMIE, GRAMIE LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!?" I love, love, LOVED all of it. Yes, even the shouting!!! Thank you so, soo, sooo, sooooo much for inviting us!
GramMO and GramPO

Bethany said...

These pictures tell a thousand words. I love them. Makes me really want to go next year.

I hate that rat looking thing too. Amen. It looks down right disgusting And, by the way-- I think those jars of jam, should have had your name on them. Just because anything you make, is absolutely delicious.