Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Noah Noah Ba Boah

He's Two Months Old!

We went for his vcug yesterday.  He screamed the entire time.  Poor thing.  He hated every minute of it.  He still has major dilation in one kidney and bad reflux, so he'll be on antibiotics at least until they test his kidney function and determine where to go from there.

He's a sweet, sweet boy, just starting to smile.  Mostly at Dad and strangers but occaisionally at me.  He likes swaddling, still, eating...lots and lots of eating.  I really didn't think he would get so big so fast.


GramMO said...

LOVE this sweet face...HE IS SO Onofrio!!! LOVE

katie+brandon said...

I wish I could hold him!

Missi said...

I wish I could hold him, too!...Really, really, really wanted to meet him as a wee babe. Ah, well. What exactly is a "vcug" and kidney dilation? (I mean, I know what the words "kidney" and "dilation" mean but what is the effect of having that? Does it cause pain at all?) I'm uneducated about these things. Educate me please. :) I can't believe Noah's already 2 months old...Colton loved swaddling until he was almost 5 months old (blankies barrrely fit). lol :) Some babes just love the tight swaddling. Reminds them of their womb days. ;)