Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ashton over at Something Swanky passed me the Tell Me About Yourself Award.

Thank You!

Remember when I posted over there? About ice cream? Is this ringing any bells?  
Oh, you do remember...maybe you should show a girl some love and, ahem, comment.

Anyway...okay...enough aggrandizing...7 Things About Myself:

1. Boy and 1 Girl.  I love my kids.
2. Phone numbers.  It confuses people...I love my Google voice but sometimes I forget and give out the other number.  Have you tried Google voice?  You should, you can say goodbye to voicemail.  
Anyone else out there loathe voicemail?
3. Cameras. DSLR, Point and Shoot, iPhone.  I have one or two or three with me ALL THE TIME.  
Go, go gadget camera arm!
 4. Months old before starting solids...I just couldn't wait.  Noah ate some cereal last night.  Or rather inhaled some cereal last night...sucked it down like he's been eating from a spoon his whole life.  I have all this guilt about whether starting them two weeks early is going to set him up to struggle with obesity his whole life...but then he slept for five blessed hours so I'm gonna keep on feeding that boy.  
Who am I kidding, he's probably gonna be a biggen no matter what I do.
 5. Number of Double Stuff Oreos I ate for breakfast.
Less than 6. weeks until Christmas! Ah! Lucy wants Xia Xia's...she said, "You just go to the xia xia aisle and buy the xia xias."  Have you seen them?  They are the silliest little things.  I loathe silly toys, almost as much as voicemail.  (Thanks, Dad)  I love how simple everything is to Lucy, 
have you heard her explain how to surf?
"You bend your knees and then you just catch a wave."
7. I don't know why that's there.

Okay...15(15?!) Bloggers to pass this on to...This is the one I'm narrowing down to 3...
Jen at NotesfromtheBurrow...cause she's my sis and the only one who will understand #7
Lindsey at To a T...cause I'm jealous of her...oh so jealous.
Maren at Like Karen With An "M" because I think if we knew each other IRL we could be besties.  Did I just say besties?  That's another word I'd never say IRL.  Only in blog land y'all.

Thanks again, Ashton, I hope you feel like you know me a teensy bit better.

Awardees: here are the rules: List 7 things about yourself, pass this on to 15 bloggers...or 3.  
Wait, is this sounding like a chain letter?


Ashley said...

You're so great. Seriously great. So, the bubs want xia xia's too, or at least they think they do since they've seen the commercial so man times. I told them they break easily and they haven't asked about them since. Is that mean of me? I also told them that Santa doesn't always give them everything on their list and that sometimes he likes to surprise them. I don't feel so bad about that one. :)

Anna said...

You are great! I am bad about gifts. I get her what I want her to have. I found this little chef set at Macy's I really want to get for her.

The Holdaway's said...

Since I know both you and Maren - you would get along fantastically with each other! BTW - I read your posts all the time, but I rarely comment on anyone's blog...

katie+brandon said...

So fun ! I love all your posts. I love your word usage.

Lindsey said...

I'm flattered, but I have no idea where this jealousy is springing from. I think you are an amazing woman with so many talents. If I could bake even an ounce like you did, I think my family would be a lot happier :)