Monday, April 23, 2012

Highlights from our trip to The Shedd Aquarium

 For my birthday this year, I'm 29!, I wanted to do something fun so we planned a trip to the Shedd Aquarium.  We've been wanting to go for a couple years and when I saw they had a Jelly Fish exhibit I knew this would be a great time, the Jellies are my favorite.  The drive from Grandpa and Grammi's was fun and even the parking was pretty easy.  It was really windy and cold though, I packed on Thursday when it was in the 70s so I wasn't thinking about it being cold in Chicago...we made do with sweatshirts, luckily I had packed shoes other than sandals for everyone.  

The Wild Reef

Some kind of cool looking fish I can't remember the name of from the Wild Reef
Noah and Mommy

The Aquatic Show, featuring 3 White Sided Dolphins, 3 Beluga Whales and a California Sea Lion

The Caribbean Reef

Frog-Eye Fish

Happy Feet in 4D, Noah did not like being sprayed in the face with water.

Petting a Sea Star.  Slimy and Pokey.

Part of the Wild Reef, filled with sharks and big fish.

Observing the Sting Rays

My Penguino


Experiences are usually more fun than gifts in my book.  I had a great time building memories with my family.  I loved watching Lucy watch the Aquatic show and seeing how the dolphins are trained.  Seeing the joy on her face was a such a gift for me.  Happy Birthday to me. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More adventures in ice cream...

I made this for Easter to go with that divine Rhubarb Raspberry dessert.  
I used this recipe.

It was so yummy, someone could not wait until I was done photographing it to eat.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just some thoughts...

Hello...Happy Belated Easter.

Why do I keep getting so behind on my blog?  Why does so much of my time go into a) my computer, b) my television and c) cleaning this little apartment.  Seriously?  You'd think it would be a breeze to just clean and be done.  There are several mess makers here who need a constant clean up crew.  I sit down at my computer with an objective such as "research baby eczema" (what is up with Noah's skin? after researching, I think it's a combination of things and I've hopefully found a couple promising things to try) but I sit down and before I have even gotten to the Google search page I am cruising FB, checking my friends new pins on Pinterest (how legal is Pinterest, btw?), checking what the crazy celebs are doing on People (WHY?!) and the headlines on MSN.  So, now a half hour (at least) has been wasted, and I've completely forgotten why I sat down.  Then I think about by dearly loved, but painfully neglected blog.  I start to go through photos and get overwhelmed by how behind I am.  I am feeling like I want to just get rid of everything.  FB, Pinterest, probably not the blog because it has been such a source of joy for me but right now it's feeling like a chore.  I have to update about Mom Awards, Conference Weekend, Spring Break at Grammi and Grandpa's, and Easter.  Plus a couple new recipes to show you.  I'm just not motivated to do any of it.  I'm trying to be better about prioritizing and I've been spending too much time drawing something.  Dumb.  It's sort of like a diet (I jumped off that wagon over a month ago and am trying to think about finding my way back) where I think about all the time I've wasted and how I can never get that time back so I might as well just waste more time.  Then I sit at my desk and read more garbage or I sit in front of the TV and have to see what the new kitchen reno looks like, how much they got for that storage locker, or who gets chopped.  WHY?  What does this "stuff" become so important to me?  Why does it seem so much more exciting than planning FHE and Sharing Time when my ultimate goals in life would be much better met if those were the areas in which I spent my time?

I am not perfect.
That drives me crazy.