Sunday, June 03, 2012


I've been thinking-maybe I should have gone into the Culinary Arts?  Sometimes I get a wild hair of an idea about what to do when my kids are bigger.  They range from the insane (cardiologist) to the probable (secretary).  My newest thing has been culinary arts.  I think I could excel at it and there is a Baking/Pastry certificate achievable through Scraft.  So, I get on their website this morning and see that it's 30 credits, not bad at all, and that the first pre-req is CAP 102, which is basically food sanitation, and that I can take it online, this Summer, starting in July.  It wouldn't be too expensive and maybe I could see if this is for me?

Here are some things I've made recently and I've got a biga in the fridge that's going to take like a million hours to finally be bread fit for eating.  Oh you rustic Italians, how you teach me patience.

A fancy way to make cinnamon rolls, go here for the recipe.

A new favorite of mine, Mel's recipe.

I love pie, I love limeade.  This was a natural progression. Here is the recipe. Note, I used the crust from the banana cream.  I'm not saying you have to use that crust for all cream pies but I recommend it.

Wild hair or good idea?


Bethany said...

Yeah! I think you are already a culinary arts major in my mind! You are so talented. An-na! An-na! Scra-aft! scra=aft! Do it! Do it!

Stacie said...

Tell me more about this baking program next time we get a chance to chat...I am interested too! Love your baking pics and descriptions. Everything looks delicious!

Love your zoo pics too, by the way. :)