Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just keep running

During...those are giraffes!


I always tell people I am a slow runner.  They never believe me.  I'm young, reasonably healthy, why can I not run faster?

Mom and friend Angela passed me by, all the runners passed me, then the strollers, then children, most of the walkers, and the elderly.  I run slower than I walk.  I realize that it is for two reasons...one of them being fear.  I am afraid if I go too fast I will run out of energy and won't be able to finish.  So while I was running I was thinking about life of course...I was thinking about Mom at the end of the race, waiting for me and then I was thinking about my mom at the end of life waiting for me.  I started crying while I was running...which seriously impeded my breathing but I just KEPT running.  The course was awesome...a mix of asphalt, boardwalk, and trail.  It was cool...temperature cool...because it was in the woods.  At mile 2 I developed a big blister on  the insole of my foot (I need new shoes!) and I thought...we are given trials...keep your head up and just KEEP RUNNING.  Just keep running, just keep running.

I also thought about this big delicious bowl of spaghetti I helped devour the night before. Love you, Dad.

Life is good.  Just keep running and eat good spaghetti.


Allison said...

That is exactly what I think of while running! Crying while running is horrible, I have done it too and it stinks :) Good job though!!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Nice job! Running is awesome!