Tuesday, June 05, 2012

More adventures in baking

This is the bread that took a million hours to make...actually, just a day and a half, it could have been just a day but I didn't get back to it exactly when I could have.  I don't know the difference between a biga, a poolish, and a sponge but these are terms I'm willing to define.  This bread requires you to make and refrigerate a biga for several hours (8-24) before mixing with your dough to then let rise, rise, rise.  This bread was declared as good as Panera (by my one and only critic) and I have to agree.  This bread could be on a restaurant table with dipping oil and herbs (which is exactly how I ate it.)  Look at all those holes!  Every time I folded the dough to let it rise, again, I said, "I love this beautiful dough!"  It was strong but full of yeasty holes.  This recipe makes a lot, I made it into two big loaves. My next goal is to translate this knowledge into some pizza crust.

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