Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I love my Bubbadubber...a post about Noah

Dancing at Music in the Park
The nickname that's stuck with Noah is "Bubba."  
He is 11 months old.
He has 10 teeth.
He crawls like a pro.
He loves being silly, taking a bath, tasting everything, bottles :(, and dancing.
He is always on the move.

I didn't think I knew how to be a "boy" mom.  I feel like there is a much greater learning curve than there was with Lu, I'm glad we can be patient with each other.  I'm worried about the future but also excited.  He is my little morning sprite, usually up with me at 7:30, while (if she gets the chance) Lu would sleep until 9:30...just like her dad. 

I'm trying hard not to compare and just take it all in as it comes and enjoy Noah's smiles, giggles and (usually) easy going nature.  

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Bethany said...

Evelyn was reading the post with me (or looking at the pictures)
and she says, "I just love you Noah. I want to see you every day."
I concur. What a cute little guy!