Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Road Trip!

Don't you love hearing about other peoples' vacations?  Fun, right?  Mom took us on a road trip to Utah!  We had so much fun it will take me a couple posts to cover it all.  The kids were amazing in the car.  Noah was a little grouchy when he got tired (who isn't) but all in all was a traveling super star. Our first major stop (for something other than gas or potty) was in Winter Quarters...I'm having an issue getting the photos off the laptop I took, so until our IT guy in residence looks at it...this is the report of the beginning of the trip...all taken with my phone...
and we're off!  12:30am 7/9/12

Noah and Lucy the green ghost

watching a dvd.  I was actually thankful the battery didn't last very long.

sleeping beauty

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