Thursday, August 23, 2012

Banana Peels and Soggy Sandwiches

 These are fried Samoas...or Caramel Delites as they should be called.
Milking Cathie

Lucy and I walked all around looking at the rides she was eligible for height-wise.  She had really wanted to ride The Cliffhanger.  Me and my stomach were relieved that she has to be 48 inches to ride that one. She decided on the bumper cars and was quite the aggressive side-seat driver.  It was my favorite part of the fair this year.

Photo Courtesy

After the bumper cars she tried the swing.
Much less thrilling that she had hoped.

 We decided to stay for the clown show this year.  Colors showed us all her animals.
She had a chihuahua, potbelly pig, sugar glider, hedgehog, and ferret.  I have to admit, seeing the sugar glider eat cheesecake off this spoon was cute but I was still disgusted by the whole thing.

And Lucy's favorite part!

We've lost the days of Lucy being more excited about the animals than the rides.  All the time we were seeing animals and the 4H barn she asked over and over if it was time for rides yet.  
It was a little sad for me but I remember feeling that way as a kid.  Sweet Noah was so good the whole time, he sat in the stroller as happy as could be.  
We had a wonderful day.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Are you crazy? Or just plain stupid?"

I took a one-year-old camping.
Enough said, right?

We enjoyed hot dogs, s'mores, playing games, a scavenger hunt, and just plain playing with friends. Outside. I really loved singing together around the campfire before bed. Noah fell quietly to sleep in the pack n' play and I'm thinking, "awesome...this is awesome, what was everyone thinking that this would be hard? Pish posh, this is a breeze." Mental pat on the back.

Then at about 1:30 am, Noah stirred. I grabbed him and put him in my sleeping bag to make sure to wake up as few people as possible.  He flopped around a bit and then started screaming. At the very tippy-top of his lungs.  If you have ever heard Noah scream it's a very immediate, angry, and growly scream.  You would have thought an ax murderer had appeared from the woods.  In my delirium I tried to give him the last few drops of a bottle (all the rest of the milk was in a cooler in the car) he was quiet much to everyone's relief for about 3 seconds, and then screamed some more, much to everyone's dismay.  I was trying to stay calm not to amp him up more, trying to wrap him up, rock him, bounce him, hum to him, anything to make the screaming stop.  Finally I take him out to the car to get milk, thinking he can just scream it out in there.  Which he did. In my arms. For an hour.  He finally fell asleep in the most uncomfortable (for me) position imaginable.  Imagine sleeping in the driver's seat, on your side, on a partially reclined seat (can't put it down all the way because the car seat is behind us), curled around a sleeping one year old.  I text Tony that I need a pillow and blankets.  He brought me, bless his heart, Noah's little baby blankets and thankfully my pillow.  I was fa-reezing.  I kept trying to quietly reposition us trying to find something that just wasn't quite as uncomfortable.  Finally I stretched across the two front seats but without a decent blanket I wrapped one around my feet and one around Noah, he was in a blanket sleeper and from the feel of his sweaty head, seemed quite comfortable.  As I was settling in, I hit the unlock button, which if done from the inside, sets off the car alarm.  Awesome.  I'm pretty sure at this point, everyone in the ward is wishing we'd stayed home.  Finally.  Light.  I saw people stirring and I had to go to the bathroom sooooo bad.  I'd been sleeping with a 25 bubba-dubber across my middle all night.  I drop Noah off at the tent, run to the bathroom and then take my freezing self back to the tent.  I got into a warm sleeping bag and was starting to thaw just a tiny bit...then the car alarm went off again.  Awesome.

I was a bit worried how we'd be received at breakfast but it turns out the symphony of crying babies and snoring kept everyone up and I wasn't the only one (but the worst) guilty of robbing the ward of their beauty sleep.

We slogged through breakfast, packing, and came home to enjoy a three hour nap!

It was crazy, but even through it all, I'd do it again.  I loved the bonding time with the ward, the primary kids, my friends and my little family.  These are the times we'll remember most.


Lucy just came up behind me and saw the photos and said, "Camping is awesome.  I love it.  We should go camping every weekend."

Mission accomplished.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

She will be loved.

I've been going through the kids' toys, weeding things out to make room for all of Noah's new cars and trucks.  I happened across a make-your-own puppet kit that Lucy had been gifted a few years ago and we had never done.  I got it out yesterday morning and played puppet show for a while after breakfast.  Lu and I put on a few shows for Noah.  He was a great audience.  It was a really fun moment.  Her sense of humor has really matured lately and it's funny to listen to her.  

Did I tell you she told me she knows Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie but that it's not her favorite.  Why?  Because, in her words, it's too romantic.  

Precocious little darling, isn't she?

***** ***** *****

She goes to Kindergarten in 22 days.  I feel like in 22 days my life changes forever (and I'm totally nesting).  I feel like she is no longer just mine.  She will be out the world...for people to build up or tear down, to appreciate or ignore.  Now, I do understand that it is "just Kindergarten," and she'll do great.  I am not worried about her in that way.  I like her teacher and expect to grow to love her, I like her principal, I really like her school.  Kindergarten is the beginning, in the sweet words of Tony's aunt, "blink and 20 years will go by."  That is why I feel melancholy. 

I struggled for a while with the school issue, whether or not to home school, and to apply for school of choice or a charter school.  I grew up going to a private school and being taught that private was better.  I still think this is true in the school district I grew up in.  I know this is not true everywhere.  I was given some amazing opportunities and will be forever grateful for them.  I can not give that same luxury to my children.  If I could, I would.  I am used to a private school environment.  I am used to elitism.  I love uniforms.  I want Lucy to be challenged academically.  I want morality to be part of the curriculum.  These are reasons I chose to apply for placement in a charter school.  I attended their open house to learn more and felt that it is the best place for Lucy.

I prayed she would get in.  We applied to four charter schools.  She was wait-listed at all of them but she was #5 at my #1 choice.  I got the call in May that she had been accepted.


Then the full day/half day issue came into play and I started second guessing my decision.  Am I ready to send my baby out to some other pseudo-mom for 7 hours a day?  I guess so, came the answer.  I know the school is right, we would have to adjust next year anyway, so away we go.

22 days.  I feel like these are her last days of babyhood. I know she isn't a baby but these are the last somewhat carefree days we have left.  I say somewhat because I've really been shoving that Summer Bridge book down her throat each day.  She's committed to it and I'm proud of how hard she's worked.  The other day, while Noah napped, her and I sat at the table eating lunch.  You know how they say those big parenting moments happen in seemingly casual ways?  A chat in the car, or in our case over sweet potato fries at lunch time.  I decided to do a little role playing game with her.  I told her to pretend we were playing in the kitchen area in her classroom, I came up to her and asked her to do something naughty, to break rules.  She said, "no, thank you."  We discussed rules and a couple other social scenarios she might run into and I realized she is ready.  She is confident, she is well-adjusted and self-assured.  I don't need to worry about her.  I worry about the first time she gets teased and how she will feel.  I worry about her telling me everything.  I worry about a time when she really doesn't need to tell me everything.
I miss her babyhood but I am excited for her and know that she will be loved.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Beach Day 2012

Lucy was devastated her goggles fell victim to the undertow.
She enjoyed making sand castles and jumping waves.
Noah did not like the water.
He loved the beach.
He ate a lot of sand.
I love beach day.

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Noah's First Cut

If you are going to cut a baby's hair, get a head vise. Kidding. Not.