Thursday, August 23, 2012

Banana Peels and Soggy Sandwiches

 These are fried Samoas...or Caramel Delites as they should be called.
Milking Cathie

Lucy and I walked all around looking at the rides she was eligible for height-wise.  She had really wanted to ride The Cliffhanger.  Me and my stomach were relieved that she has to be 48 inches to ride that one. She decided on the bumper cars and was quite the aggressive side-seat driver.  It was my favorite part of the fair this year.

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After the bumper cars she tried the swing.
Much less thrilling that she had hoped.

 We decided to stay for the clown show this year.  Colors showed us all her animals.
She had a chihuahua, potbelly pig, sugar glider, hedgehog, and ferret.  I have to admit, seeing the sugar glider eat cheesecake off this spoon was cute but I was still disgusted by the whole thing.

And Lucy's favorite part!

We've lost the days of Lucy being more excited about the animals than the rides.  All the time we were seeing animals and the 4H barn she asked over and over if it was time for rides yet.  
It was a little sad for me but I remember feeling that way as a kid.  Sweet Noah was so good the whole time, he sat in the stroller as happy as could be.  
We had a wonderful day.

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