Saturday, August 04, 2012

Beach Day 2012

Lucy was devastated her goggles fell victim to the undertow.
She enjoyed making sand castles and jumping waves.
Noah did not like the water.
He loved the beach.
He ate a lot of sand.
I love beach day.

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GramMO said...

What a gorgeous big girl pick of Lu! I love beach day too. Noah will love it next year. We need to go on a not so windy day. My favorite part( :) ) was watching the master erect the tent!!!!! No pictures???

Kimberlee said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always. Noah is so big and so cute! I can't believe I have never seen him in person. I am so thankful I can stay connected through the Internet!

Anna said...

@gramMO, Tony has to approve any photo that goes on the blog of him. I didn't want to wait.

@Kimberlee, I completely agree! Noah is such a sweetheart and we miss your girls! Anytime someone mentions CA, (Tony goes out a lot for work) we talk about you guys. Hope you're well and thank you for the kind compliments on the photos.