Friday, September 07, 2012

How did I get here?

My darling girl started Kindergarten on Tuesday.
She was excited with her new shoes, backpack, ladybug lunch box and zest for life.
When she got home she told me all about Art class and indoor recess and outdoor recess and playing with her friends.  She told me about the girl who sits across from her who had popcorn in her lunch.  I couldn't help but think..."How did I get here?"

Last night I sat at Open House, listening to the Principal talk about the academic standards and common core and the whole time I was thinking, "My baby...she's in Kindergarten!"  When the staff was introduced I tried to memorize the faces and names of the Art, Music, and Gym teachers.  I kept thinking about how lucky they are to get to spend this special time with these kids.  I get why Grammi loves teaching the Kindergarteners so much.  They are such a special group.

On Wednesday Lucy came home with a library book.  She tells me in little snatches all afternoon about what she did that day.  About how B was recognized for doing something really good and that H got in trouble for playing instead of listening. She told me that she loves to play with C.  As I listen I just can't believe I'm here.  Well...I'm here.  I'm going to embrace it.  I signed up to help in the class each week and I can't wait to meet B, and C, and even H.
Have a great year!

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Kimberlee said...

She looks so cute and ready for Kindergarten. I love the uniform. I can't wait to here more. We miss you guys!