Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I remember stuff, but am I memorable?

My cousins used to tease me when we were little because I could remember little details about things that had happened way in the past.  I don't have a good short term memory.  For example, this morning I remembered that it's book club tonight.  Our first meeting in a long time.  I organized it.  I remembered that.  I forgot to tell my husband.  He scheduled Home Teaching.  Home Teaching trumps book club.  Maybe I can go late.  I remember really vividly a lot of experiences from my childhood.  Some good and some bad.  I remember people.  I remember the kids who were new at school or were only at our school for a few years or the kids who started with us and then didn't graduate with us.

In college there was a guy in my ward who had a crush on my friend.  We had some mutual friends.  He hung out at my apartment, a lot.  I went with him and some other people when he test drove cars.  We were friends for probably a year and a half-two years.  I remember a lot about him.  His mother and sisters and nieces and nephews, all of whom I met.  Fast forward a few years, college, marriage, a kid, yadda yadda yadda, and I'm at the adult session of Stake Conference and our Stake President calls up a bunch of people to come bear their testimonies.  He's one of them.  He's in my Stake, he's married now, life goes on, bra.  I was sort of shocked to see him.  I decided to go up to him afterward and say hi.  He didn't remember me.  Seriously?  I remember you doing Yoga in my living room with your friend and how your lip sweats whenever you talk.

I recently found someone on FB that I think about from time to time.  I remember going to her house to play, she just lived a few blocks away.  Her mom was a physical therapist and I don't remember much about her step-dad.  I remember going to a Halloween party at her house and playing with bakeable clay.  I remember having a fashion show with her and her sister.  I remember going with her to Maumee Bay State Park where she had a dance show and she forgot to bring her "dance pants" and so her mom had to run all the way back to our side of town to get them.  She sent me a message and said, "Do I know you?"

Am I really so forgettable?  I think about people and experiences in my past all the time.  Every day.  I think I over think.  I go over conversations I had 20 years ago, over and over and over.  Maybe I remember too much.


Michelle said...

I am always the one with the 'do I know you?' look in her eyes. Once, a girl stopped me at Kohls and said, did you go to St Ursula, which I did for one year. Apparently we had one class together for one year and honestly, she didn't even look remotely familiar to me. I felt badly about the fact that she remembered me fifteen years after the fact and I had not a clue.

It might be less about you not being memorable and more about people like me who have terrible memories.

Stacie said...

I am the same as you Anna, though I don't remember everything. I wish I knew the rhyme or reason behind the things I do and don't remember! I have felt embarrassed before for remembering so many details about people. :)

I hope you can make it to part of Book Club!

Diana said...

Marc's family has extended family reunions every year. Still. The first year we were married we attended, I met his cousin and we had a lengthy conversation about the pressures of having children quickly after marriage. I felt we connected so the next year, since I hadn't felt that connection with any of Marc's siblings yet, I gravitated towards this cousin when she arrived. She looked at me and asked who I was. ONE YEAR LATER AND WE ARE RELATED. Duh. I felt so stupid and honestly don't think I've forgiven her yet...9 years later. There has to be a better way to handle it so no one walks away feeling stupid and hurt.

Allison said...

Oh my goodness. I got made fun of too because I would remember people, phone numbers (way before cell phones)etc and that same thing would happen... deer in headlights look. Ugh. Sorry that stinks.

Callie Robbins said...

My dearest Anna, you've impacted many and you are anything but unforgettable.

I remember you pushing the March of dimes drive and your passionate plea for the cause because you we're born premature.

I remember your cute apartment in Provo where we shared meals, like delicious pasta and soup you had made. I remember watching the God's must be crazy and laughing together. I remember that you make the most incredible pie crust and no matter my attempts, I'll never master it.

I remember how well you'd listen as I poured my heart out to you at work and how We could laugh about how cute Brian van was and about the crazy office antics.

I remember how sad I was that you were going to move back to be closer to your families. I remember feeling heartbroken that my friend who I adored would be leaving. No more candy making parties, no more late night movie nights, and no more hearing your adorable laugh and subtle accent that I'd grown to love so much.

I'm so grateful that you've impacted my life. Most of all Anna, I remember your example. You're an incredible person. it's obvious what a wonderful mom you are because it's part of your nature. I love you and I'll never forget you.

"To The World You May Be One Person But To One Person You Mean The World..."

KaCee said...

I have always thought that I was easily forgettable. I met a guy, a friend of a roommate, my second year of college 6 times! And he never remembered me. The sixth time we met I finally got brave enough to tell him that we had in fact met many times before and he didn't believe me. These meetings weren't even years apart, but only days and maybe weeks. It was pretty embarrassing. Even though its been many years since we've seen you Anna, I think about you often and your amazing pumpkin pie!