Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Lu

That face!
If you force Lucy to smile she sort of squints.

If you say "smile with your eyes open," you get sort of a 'crazy' look.

This little sweetness is working so diligently in school.  I am amazed at the things she is learning and how hard she works.  I am also astounded at how hard her teachers work.  On Fridays I get to go help at lunch time and it is the best part of my week.  When the kids see me waiting outside the door (I try to keep out of sight until they are ready for me so Noah and I don't cause a commotion) they get so excited, we feel like celebrities.  I am always there on a day when the hot lunch is some crazy thing that requires a fork to stab it open and sauce to go everywhere.  I am learning the kids who are more independent and don't want help with anything and the ones who like help, even if it's just for the company.  The ones who dote on Noah and help me take care of him and feed him Cheerios.  They are sweet little ones and Friday's events hit me really hard.  Having just started our own journey into elementary school I could relate on an entirely different level than these events in the past.  My heart has broken for them and I take solace in the Savior, knowing that he suffered these pains and brought those little ones to him.

Lucy has a loose tooth, it is barely hanging on and we are patiently waiting for it to fall.  This girl does not want to give her teeth to the Tooth Fairy.  At least not the first four.  She would like to save those and the Tooth Fairy may have the rest.

She makes friends easily and takes up the role of older sister in all areas of life.  She is a snuggle bunny, a treat lover and a finagler and I've been loving on her a bit more over the last couple days.  


Bethany said...

Great Post. Oh, I love you Lucy! Way to go on that writing! Man alive! She's a smart cookie!

Ashley said...

Such a cutie and so smart!