Friday, December 21, 2012

The one about the Tooth Fairy

So after taking the tooth to school on Monday, Lucy decided she'd like to put it under her pillow.  Monday night we put it in a plastic baggie and under her pillow.  She and Noah had the giggles and played for a while and then things finally got quiet.  About 15 minutes later, Lucy comes out of her room exclaiming that the tooth fairy had come, the tooth was gone and she had left a candy cane. Lucy was excited and amazed.  I was a bit bewildered.  She said she didn't know where the tooth was.  I think the candy cane was deposited there earlier in the day by Noah.

I told her I wasn't sure that was from the tooth fairy and to go to back to bed.  After watching TV for a little while I went to bed.  I heard Tony come to bed and asked him if the Tooth Fairy had come.  He said she forgot but would make an appearance soon.  Tony reappeared in our room saying that the Tooth Fairy couldn't find the tooth and there was a hole in the plastic baggie.  Good grief!

She borrowed a flashlight and went back in to find the tooth on the carpet.  Hallelujah!

Lucy was excited in the morning to find:

Our rather extravagant Tooth Fairy has said this is more of a signing bonus and the regular payment will be $1.00. :)

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