Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I forgot to show you this quilt

I made another baby quilt this year and tried this chevron was really easy but I think I should have cut my blocks smaller...lesson learned.

I washed it in cold water with a cup of salt but the colors still ran.  I was devastated.  I washed it about 6 more times and scrubbed the colored bits with Fels Naptha and you could barely tell when all was said and done.

I received a gift card to JoAnns for Christmas and am already thinking about quilts for my sister-in-laws little one coming in March.

I love quilting so much, maybe I'll make one for me this year. ;)

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Ashley said...

I love chevron stripes and I love the pattern on the back as well. Well done! You are so talented. You should make a quilt for yourself - that would be lovely. I think I've figured out why my comments were never posting last year. Sorry for my silence and my technical ineptitude. I'm back!