Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day this year...nothing too exciting but I made the kiddos Valentines, which was super fun for me, and then I made this Jello for Lucy's class.  Her teacher asked for a treat and I thought this would be a fun one.  I made a 9x11 pan but it wasn't enough so the morning of V-day before the playgroup party I made another 9x11 pan.  Man, I was cooling and pouring and cutting like a mad woman but I got it done in time, thankfully.

Lucy came home with the leftovers, I said, "How did it go?"  She said, "E. didn't like it and no one asked for seconds."  Great.  My life is complete. ;)

I took Noah to the playgroup Valentine's Party which was really fun.  Noah was not into it at all.  I made his bag for him and passed out his Valentines and while the other kids were playing games and hearing stories he was drinking all their juice.  That kid has a serious sweet tooth.

Tony and I had celebrated the week before by going out to dinner which was really nice. 
These guys, jello lovers or not, are my favorite Valentines and I'm glad they'll always Be Mine.

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