Sunday, May 05, 2013

Blog Fodder, Blodder or Flogger?

It bothers me when I go too long between posting.
It's all because of something exciting.
I have something really really good to share but I am afraid to jinx things before they're permanent.
I'll give you a clue...I've been making a list like this:

It just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. ;)

We've been lucky enough to finally enjoy some time outside and I did my first senior photo shoot (a total blast) and I can't wait to show you pictures from that, here is a sneak peak. 


patrick onofrio said...

Great pic, can hardly wait to see more.

Love you all,

Nicole said...

are you buying a house? congrats!

Anna said...

Yes! We turned in all the loan documents and are now in the waiting part of the process. It's a cute little three bedroom ranch...I can not wait!