Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yes, it's official, we moved.

We bought a house.  Every single day since we moved in, 22 days ago, I have said, "I love our house."  I love this house.  I love that it has hardwood floors.  I love that it's comfy for us and so much roomier than apartment living.  I love our big yard and our tall trees.  I love it.  I love the laundry chute.  I love garbage day.  I love the garage.  I love the windows...I love everything.

I love letting my kids out to play in the back yard and going for walks on the trail that is close to our house.

I also love summer!  I love getting to have my Lucy home all day.  I was a little anxious as the school year closed and things got out of control with the moving and such, but it's been wonderful to be with her all day.  I feel like we were missing out on some quality time and it's taught me to rearrange some things for the school year and prioritize a little better.

Ready for the pictures?  So far this summer:

Finished Kindergarten

Had snuggle-read time, every day!

Played a lot of Legos

Finally saw this lady bloom, we have waited since May Day.
Looked like a stud muffin.
Coldwater Strawberry Festival
Gotten faces painted.
Sang Opera.
Ate peanut butter pie.
Acted silly at dinner time.

Found a foam puppy.

Made Eggrolls.
Played cars. The farm is now a garage.
Danced at Music in the Park.  Thanks to the musical stylings of Guy Louis.

Swam until we turned into prunes.

Did spin art.  I would like to own one of these machines, or at least have access on a regular basis.  So fun!
Played on the computer in our jams and diapies.
I hope you all are enjoying Summer as much as we are!


Jennifer said...

Love your house too. And Summer.

patrick onofrio said...

LOVE it all and all the kids- BagaGram

Shelly Onofrio said...

Loved seeing what you've been up to and all the photos of my adorable niece and nephew! They are getting so big! Wish we could be there to play together...

Stephanie said...

SO happy for you! You have waited a long time for a house. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Ashley said...

Such an awesome summer already! So happy for you - for the fabulous house and fabulous memories you are making!