Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!

We are enjoying a low-key day at home with Noah.
Lucy decided to stay over at Grammi's so I told Noah that for his birthday he gets to be an only child.  He said, "Cool!"
Some pretty cute things about Noah are that he is super polite.
Anytime you hand him anything he says "Anks" or "Fank you."  He also says "'scuse me," if he toots and "Sorry!" if he bumps into you. 
When I say "Are you two?" He holds up two fingers.  One from each hand.
He's very lovey.  He likes to cuddle and hug.  His favorite toys are cars or anything with wheels and legos.  His auntie got him lego cars for his birthday---he's in heaven!
He likes spicy food and ketchup and anything with a sauce.
And he jumps.  Everywhere.  The kid has amazing calves.
Noah gets to share his birthday with Grandpa.  We went to South Haven to celebrate and the weather was off putting but we still had a good time, I'll post more on that later.
Happy Birthday GRANDPA!

Friday, July 26, 2013


This guy is turning two in a couple days.
I love him to pieces.
I heard somewhere that you shouldn't take too many pictures of your kids, especially of everyday things like eating toast, or they'll start to think they're too important.  That insignificant events are far more consequential that they ought to be deemed.
I say, "Hogwash!"
If we're supposed to cherish the small moments in life and live each day to its fullest, why not capture everything that moves you?  Like the light at the breakfast table of your almost-two-year-old eating toast just a second before his bowl of Cheerios is going to land on the floor.  I want to remember every moment and don't mind filling up all our digital storage with photos.  We love going through old pictures and saying, "remember when...?"
The best camera is the one you have with you.  I will keep taking pictures of everything.
Big and two-year-old.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

While Mommy was gone...

I don't think my kids missed me for a minute and that's just the way I'd have it.  They ran to me with hugs when they saw me but they had SO MUCH FUN.  My kids have the best Grandparents!  Thank you Grammi and Grandpa for losing a little sleep and working so hard so me and my kids could have so much fun. They played in a mud pit, went swimming, planted potatoes, tie-dyed shirts, went to the zoo, painted leaf prints, took tractor rides, played outside, made garden stones, slipped and slid and I'm sure lots more. 
Thank you from the tops of our heads to the tips of our muddy toes.

Girls Camp!!

I love Girls Camp.
I love seeing the young women being so kind to eachother, making new friends and growing their testimonies.  I love being in their service and meeting new women in my Stake.  I have made some great friends through camp.  This year I got to go as a cook and I was a bit nervous about leaving my Noah and Lu but they had an awesome time at Camp Grammi, more on that later.  I love to cook and I love Girls Camp so it was a given that I was going to enjoy myself.  I had such a fun week preparing their meals and trying to be encouraging and making new friends.  It was A LOT of work.  Our meals ranged from cooking for 40 people to cooking for 140 people.  There was a bit of a learning curve to get used to the kitchen and figure out where everything was and organize our food and supplies but it ended up working out so great.  My legs would burn at the end of every day but I felt productive and satisfied with what I had accomplished.


Hola! The weekend before Girls Camp, Mom and I went on a little kayak trip.  I had never been before and certainly did not know what to expect.  It was beautiful and fun and exciting and a little difficult but mostly fun.  When we arrived we didn't know what exactly we were getting ourselves into so I was nervous when I found out I'd be in a kayak by myself.  I was recalling stories of near drownings on white water trips and freaking myself out.  But as with most adventures in my life, I just start and figure it out along the way.  I had to learn to nagivate some difficult debris in the river, sometimes I had to rely on someone else to help me through and I had to learn from the wisdom of the more experienced paddlers.  I could never see what was coming next just hope that I could get through.  What a good metaphor for life.  I can't wait to go again.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

simple summer fun

Happy 4th of July!

We had a fun Fourth this year, as usual.  The fireworks were on the 3rd and I'm pretty sure they were the best ones I've ever seen, if only they were set to music!  Noah did not like them, which surprised me a bit, I thought he would enjoy it.  He didn't have a problem last year as an almost one year old.  This year he snuggled into my neck and said, "No boom!" and then fell asleep.  Lucy loved them and chattered away the entire show.  We went for slushies after...again...tradition!  I stayed up late working on a craft project and so the parade time came a little early for me.  Tony is anti parade and this year neither of the kids wanted to come so I went with my sister and the fam.  It was super fun.  Abe Lincoln was even there! 

After we celebrated for Spencer!  I can't believe he's 10!  He is such a cool kid.  We had a great time with family and friends, swimming and playing and eating yummy food.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Still cookin'

It is no secret that I love Taco Bell.  One of my favorite menu items is the Limeade Sparkler.  The recipe is insanely easy.  Fill your cup with Sierra Mist, add a limeade concentrate (as much or as little as you want depending on how sour you like it.  I like it sour so I add a tablespoon or two) and add a squeeze of a lime wedge and there you have it.  I thought this concoction would be great for a popsicle and I was right.  Same principle as the drink.  Fill the mold with Sierra Mist, add some limeade concentrate and a little fresh lime and freeze.  YUM.

Another recipe I tried was Martha's "world's best macaroni and cheese,"  we are serious Macaroni and Cheese consumers in this house and thought this would be a good one to try.  I don't usually like homemade mac as well as the storebought stuff.  I know...what's up with that?  This recipe was good.  I don't agree with the world's best rating but what made it was some smoked Gruyere.  My local WalMart only had smoked for some reason.  I used just a little as a topping and then slid it under the hot broiler for a minute.  It made the dish.  Smoked cheese...welcome to flavor country.
Next week is Girls Camp for me and Camp Grammi for the kiddos.
We are getting ready: