Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

We had a fun Fourth this year, as usual.  The fireworks were on the 3rd and I'm pretty sure they were the best ones I've ever seen, if only they were set to music!  Noah did not like them, which surprised me a bit, I thought he would enjoy it.  He didn't have a problem last year as an almost one year old.  This year he snuggled into my neck and said, "No boom!" and then fell asleep.  Lucy loved them and chattered away the entire show.  We went for slushies after...again...tradition!  I stayed up late working on a craft project and so the parade time came a little early for me.  Tony is anti parade and this year neither of the kids wanted to come so I went with my sister and the fam.  It was super fun.  Abe Lincoln was even there! 

After we celebrated for Spencer!  I can't believe he's 10!  He is such a cool kid.  We had a great time with family and friends, swimming and playing and eating yummy food.

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