Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!

We are enjoying a low-key day at home with Noah.
Lucy decided to stay over at Grammi's so I told Noah that for his birthday he gets to be an only child.  He said, "Cool!"
Some pretty cute things about Noah are that he is super polite.
Anytime you hand him anything he says "Anks" or "Fank you."  He also says "'scuse me," if he toots and "Sorry!" if he bumps into you. 
When I say "Are you two?" He holds up two fingers.  One from each hand.
He's very lovey.  He likes to cuddle and hug.  His favorite toys are cars or anything with wheels and legos.  His auntie got him lego cars for his birthday---he's in heaven!
He likes spicy food and ketchup and anything with a sauce.
And he jumps.  Everywhere.  The kid has amazing calves.
Noah gets to share his birthday with Grandpa.  We went to South Haven to celebrate and the weather was off putting but we still had a good time, I'll post more on that later.
Happy Birthday GRANDPA!

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