Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reptile Zoo!

I would like to wax poetic about how I like to give my kids experiences for the birthdays instead of gifts, but I have nothing eloquent to say about it.  There is a lot of storage space in my home being taken up by toys when they would really much rather play with a laundry basket and a cardboard box.  Lucy loves animals.  Her laundry basket is usually home to an orphaned puppy, kitten or cheetah.  So when I saw a Groupon for the Great Lakes Reptile Zoo I thought it she would love it.  Turns out I was right.  Grammi and Grandpa came and we all really enjoyed it.  It didn't take all day, we were there about 2 hours and part of that time was painting pumpkins for their Boo at the Zoo.  I highly recommend it for a family outing or a field trip.

Noah kept saying, "Get in the water! Take a bath!"

This one was my looks like it's smiling.

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