Friday, March 28, 2014

In defense of....MOM

I recently read a Facebook post about all the over achieving moms making the rest of us look bad, with their pi day celebrations and leprechaun traps and valentine's fondue.  Then I read another post, defending the Holiday Mom.  For real...I would just like to see us simply defending mom...whether she's sending her kids to school with store-bought valentines or having a huge, over-the-top race car birthday (hopefully in my future) because being a mom is HARD.

I was at Joann Fabric the other day.  I had the kids with me.
Why did I do that to myself?
I can not keep Noah in a grocery cart unless I strap him in as tight as possible.
I have to keep the cart in the center of the aisle or he can reach items and throw them off the shelves.
I made it all the way through the store, and the insufferable cutting line, to get to what I'd like to call "Mom Gauntlet."  The serpentine lane full of kiddie wonders.  Dollar crap and treats of all kinds.  My kids want it all.  Noah was being particularly difficult and the woman ahead of me, chuckled a bit, and asked, "Is he almost 3?"  

Is it that obvious?

That's my life.  Everything is a struggle with him.  We have rare moments of stillness where I might get to read him a book...rare, I tell you.  And yes, I do meet him where he is and play race and airplanes...see, here I am defending myself against...against...what?

"Noah, time to go! No, to the car.  Noah, where are you? Let's go to the garage.  Ready? Set? Go! 
Okay, let's get in your seat, don't run around the garage, to your seat.  Let's get buckled...ah...finally!"

And that's how it goes for everything.  I know I am not alone...and I know these days won't last forever and some day I will want them back.  I know.  I was just looking at a photo of Noah from a year ago and I was really missing that soft blonde hair of his.  Now it's a scruffy, dirty blonde, mess, but at least he isn't pulling anymore.

I love my kids so much.  So much it hurts.  I don't think I'm alone in that.  We all want to do the best we can for our kids and if that means making rainbow bread for the first day of school, do it!  If that means McDonald's for dinner, do it! Let's stop judging each other and be friends.

If you throw a Dr. Seuss party, I love you.
If you don't, I still love you.

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Shelly Onofrio said...

This is exactly why I love you! Will you PLEASE move to Utah and be my next door neighbor?