Monday, March 31, 2014

That hasn't happened for the longest time...

I've been having this love/hate relationship with blogging lately.  I think up blog posts in my head and then I think, "who really cares?"  Is my blog narcissistic?  Am I out-growing it?  I need to remember that I write for me and my family and they like to read it, sooooo...I guess I'll keep writing and catch you all up on the last couple of months.

I haven't fed my sourdough starter in a looooooong time, months...I thought maybe it was dead.  I fed it this morning and hooray, it's bubbling away.

A couple months ago, Mom and Dad took the kids for a couple days.  Cabin Fever was getting the better of me and I really needed a break, which sounds laughable compared to the last three weeks I've had, which I will get to.

-We went to a cool camera shop that rents out studio space and teaches workshops.
-Visited the antiques market.  I think it would be cool to make banners out of old Little Golden books.
-Saw the movie, Noah, it was super weird.  Visually it was pretty amazing, but too weird for my taste.
-Went to Cantoro, always a good time.  Their gelato is very good, I highly recommend.

We went to pick up the kids the next day and tried to stop in Jackson at the Hinkley Bakery.  It was on a list of best bakeries in Michigan.  The line was out the door and down the street. Sadly we did not have time to wait.  I will plan on the waiting next time.  


Shelly Onofrio said...

I care. Thanks for your posts. We're a long ways away and it's nice to see what's going on in your life.


Shelly Onofrio said...

I love reading your blog! So glad you didn't give up! I got on to look up one of your old recipes I wanted to try and was so excited to see new posts!

Shelly (Not Benjamin this time:)