Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Writing more

I don't know how to get myself writing more.  I guess this is just the phase of life I'm in and should get used to it and remember that someday there will be more time for blogging.  Did I tell you that I serve in the nursery at church?  That means for the second and third hour of church I am with the little 18-month-olds and the new 3-year-olds.  I don't think we have any that are 3 yet, but soon.  They are young and full of energy and most have older siblings so they know how to hold their own in a fight for Legos or marshmallows or toy pianos.  They can also be very sweet.  This Sunday, one sweet girl was sad that her parents were gone but she would let me hold her and sing to her and as long as I kept singing she wouldn't cry.  I don't know if it was soothing or just a distraction but it made me feel useful.  Nursery always seems to be the butt of the jokes when it comes to callings in the church, "be careful or you'll end up in the nursery," etc.  It isn't true but it is degrading to the folks who work there.  It is hard, but I love it.  I love seeing their faces recognize Jesus in a picture or watching them fold their arms for prayer and repeating little phrases.  These outward signs are clues to what is and will happen inwardly, that they will recognize the whisperings of the Spirit, that they will feel the peace at their baptisms that they are closer to Heavenly Father.  I am not saying that I belong to a perfect church, but I do believe in a perfect Heavenly Father.  I believe it's Him who wants me to succor these sometimes crying babes each week and I am perfectly happy to do it.  Yes, Noah runs around the room like the Tazmanian Devil and there is usually a brawl over the snacks and toy cars but for a few minutes each week it's quiet and we hear a story and a lesson and talk about the things we're here to talk about.  Building a foundation of faith that will be built upon throughout their lifetime.  Someday they will get called to work in the nursery and they won't remember me but they will know that there was a lady who held them on their lap and sang, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," as many times as she could to keep them calm because they will be doing the same and breaking up the fights and hoping good feelings were had when we talked about how much we love our families or how important it is to take care of our bodies.  I am thankful for my turn in nursery and all the nursery workers who took care of me.


Noah went through a phase where he would take his shoes off in the car.  It drove me nuts to have to search through the car for the shoe and put them back on to go into the store or house or school or wherever we were.  He would also chuck them out of the stroller or grocery cart. Well, we have had a missing play shoe for a while and I think it must have fallen out of the car because it just vanished.  He's been fine wearing boots for most of the winter but yesterdays warm weather put me in the mood to get him some new play shoes.  He refuses to take them off.

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Shelly Onofrio said...

These are some of my exact feelings about being a nursery leader! I was in nursery while pregnant with Tommy and when he was born I was released. For a whole year I didn't have a calling so finally about a month ago I mentioned to the bishopric that I was willing to serve in a calling and they immediately asked how I would feel about being called to nursery again. I was surprised to hear that they had attempted calling a couple of people to be leaders there and had been turned down. I actually was quite happy to be called back in again. The kids are so sweet and funny that I really enjoy it. And I remember feeling such joy and surprise when Miles was in nursery and would sometimes at random bring up mid-week something from our 5 minute lesson the Sunday before. Even though it can be hectic, nursery really makes a difference!