Monday, April 07, 2014

Mom Awards

The Mom Awards 2014!

This event is one of my favorite of the year.  This was no different.  We went back to the old style of voting this year and it went well.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We also added a "favorite things," type gift.  We had everyone bring something that is their mom "survival," item.  Some of the items were ice cream, bandaids, Tylenol PM, target gift card, books, lotions, bubble bath, etc.  Then we did a white elephant style exchange which was fun.  This is the first year that every single person who RSVP'd, showed up to the event.  Which means I don't have to track anyone down to deliver their Spoonie.

It's such a great night to get to gab and eat yummy food and laugh and laugh and laugh and stay up late and remember that under your mom jeans and crusty tee shirt, you are a normal human.

I tried to do a bump in my hair.  I try it at least once a never looks good.  Lol.

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