Thursday, June 19, 2014

A really fun summer day

It was Music in the Park yesterday.  It rained so we were in the Gathering and Guy Louis did not disappoint.  Here Comes The Sun...the best.  Guy gave Noah an award for being a number 1 dancer.  He had Noah get up and dance for the crowd.  Noah was hilarious.  I wish I had a video camera in my brain so I could have that to watch over and over.  I love Guy Louis, I love my kids, I love Music in the Park, I love Summer, and I love Deb Madonna for getting these pictures. 

Music in the Park is such a fun part of our Summer.

After the park it was pool party time.  I brought this dip and she was right, it was awesome.  
Bring it to your next party.

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Jennifer said...

One of the best days ever