Friday, June 06, 2014

Cranbrook Institute of Science

This place was prit-ty cool.  
We went for Lucy's field trip.  I would love to go again as a family.

We met Samantha, the Barred Owl.

Dug for fossils in the traveling Dinosaur exhibit.

Viewed some amazing fossils, some real, some not.

Saw the stars in the planetarium.
For some reason when they showed what the night sky would look like without the nearby light pollution, I got really emotional.  What the heck?  They were stars!  I just thought about Heavenly Father's creation and the beauty in Heaven and Earth...and I teared up.  Then I started to feel sick from the spinning and kept nodding off.  I think I need to go out to the country star-gazing this summer.

The geology presentation was my favorite-maybe I liked this field trip more than Lucy-this is an asteroid.  The man who did the presentation was extremely knowledgeable.  I really enjoyed listening to him.  I guess I didn't remember that there were Mastodon fossils found in Michigan.  

Quartz.  The rock samples they had were extensive, and I was surprised by the amount that had been collected in Michigan.  It made me want to dig up my yard and see what I could find.

Cranbrook, we'll be back-thanks for a fun day!

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