Sunday, June 01, 2014

mem mem memorial day

You know...Memorial Day Weekend, Tradition, Union City.

We went to a children's garden, they had this spoon fence that I loved, and a cereal themed portion, an ABC garden and a huge hot-air balloon.  After walking around for a bit and seeing the plants, flowers and sculptures, we had our picnic lunch and played.  I let the kids in the their clothes.  It was so funny to watch Noah.  They had a ball in there.  Luckily, I had extra clothes in the car.

After the park we went to Mooville.  It was rad.  
Animals, Ice cream, Bouncy houses...what could be better?

I swear I said, "make a cheetah face."
Lucy is a rainbow kitty and Noah is a cheetah.

We got into a sweet spot, where we did some "catching," as Grandpa would say.  The kids reeled in fish after fish after fish.  Noah's face was so serious.  Lucy...she is a fisherwoman.  See, for yourself.

She was so proud of this big-mouth bass.  She beamed for days.
I love those faces.  I am one lucky Mama.

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