Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scenes from a backyard

I think these are bonnet mushrooms but I'm not positive.

The herb garden is coming along, all the pots have some sprouts in them now but the thyme is by far, most prolific.


That last one isn't from my's my dining room.  I picked ten pounds of beautiful, Michigan, strawberries today.  I am letting them dry a bit so they don't get moldy. Strawberry pie?

See that cute toad up there?  We caught her last week in the tulip bed and I told the kids we could keep it for a few days.  She has been living in a big IKEA tub. We've been feeding her small crickets from the pet store. On Monday morning I went out to check on her and she seemed sad so I told Lucy it was time to let her go.  Then Lucy was sad.  She cried and cried but was very brave and let her go into the cemetery.  A few hours later I went out to check on my plants and looked over in the general direction of the toad.  I thought, "wouldn't it be nuts if it were still there?  if it's still there it's probably our fault because it's too sad or sick to hop away.  If it's too sick to hop away, what if it gets eaten by a snake?"  I walked up to the fence and the poor toad had one leg in a snakes mouth.  I grabbed a switch from a tree Tony had lopped off earlier, and tried to reach them over the fence and scare the snake off.  The snake just retreated further back, carrying the toad.  Now I was sad, sad that I was going to have to watch this poor toad slowly be eaten and it was all my fault.  The snake was small and having trouble swallowing her.  I took Noah by the hand and ran around the length of fence and brushed the leafy end of the switch over the snake...all the while assuring Noah that snakes aren't scary and saying, "you get off our toady!"  The snake dropped the toad and slithered off.  I could see some blood but couldn't tell how badly she was injured.  I guided her through the fence and then ran back around to our yard.  I got her to hop into a plant container and then put her back into the toad sanctuary turned toad hospital.  I inspected her and found a small cut in the fold of skin between her belly and her leg, but it didn't reach the muscle beneath so hopefully she'll heal quickly.  I'm pretty sure she's here to stay because I just can't bare to let her go again.  I went back to the pet store and got her large crickets.  I say she's a she because in looking at the diagrams of the different genders, she looks female to me.  I planted a fern and a hosta in her home and lots of mossy soil.  She seems much happier now.

We are on the lookout for a friend for her.

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Shelly Onofrio said...

I love this story! Did I ever tell you the story of when I found baby quail chicks caught in our window well? Long story short I was so distraught over them being abandoned and not knowing how to care for them that I drove over an hour each way to a bird sanctuary in Ogden at 9 at night. Benjamin thought I was ridiculous, saying it was just "the circle of life." Anyway, wishing we lived closer so I could bring the boys over to see your new pet...